Feb 15, 2006

How spammers make big boys cry

[tap, tap on virtual shoulder]
Uh, 'xcuse me mr.spammers? You can stop mailing me "enlarge your penis" themed spams.
Because (a) according to this article, enlarging one's member isn't as promising as your messages attest.
And (b) I don't own one.

It seems that spam is responsible for planting the idea in several blokes' minds. They went ahead with the yanking and stretching process of their private parts. Turns out, however, that most of them are not satisfied with the results.

I'm not sure if I should find this disturbing. Spam, admittedly, is an utter annoyance, yet nevertheless a form of advertising. It's not suprising that out of the gazzilion spams that are sent forth into cyberspace, some cybersucker will be on the receiving end.

Let's just hope that the spam industry doesn't spread out into more malefic subjects like "how-2-make-uranium bombs-@-home". I'd hate reading about some poor chump losing his newly obtained "longer willy" because of unsuccessful home bomb testing.