Sep 29, 2005

The making of a nickname

It's hard times for those of us who can't find an available nickname to use! I tried various forms of my name, my surname, anything that could "define me". Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. All the good ones were already taken on the web. I was left with either adding some obtrusive number next to my name, playing the nickname generator game or making something up.

I closed my eyes and made a pact with myself: The first "word" that comes to mind will be my official nickname (as long as it is not already taken on the web).
And out came: flubberwinkle
(OK, I gotta admit first came flubblewinkle, I played around with it by pronouncing it aloud several times, and finally modified it by replacing the "-le" with an "-er"). I wrote it down and looked really cute. I spoke it like it was a spell taught at Hogwarts' School of Magic. It made me think of something silly. I liked it. I was hooked.

Now onto the task of making sense of my newly formed, never-before spoken "flubberwinkle". Double-clicked my trusty WordWeb v.2.2. Unsuprisingly, flubberwinkle not found... however with a little imagination and a whole lot of humour I came up with the following reasoning:

Noun: flub [pronounced flub]
1. An embarrassing mistake
Verb: flub [flubbed, flubbing]
1. Make a mess of, destroy or ruin


Noun: winkle [pronounced wingkul]
1. Small edible marine snail; steamed in wine or baked
2. Edible marine gastropod
Verb: winkle
1. Emit or reflect light in a flickering manner; of stars
2. Gleam or glow intermittently
3. Remove or displace from a position

I have a tendency to botch things up (therefore: flub) but I have a very positive disposition most days (therefore: gleam or glow intermittently). Elementary my dear Watson... I am "flubberwinkle". I am a gleaming messer-upper. Yup, that's me.

I googled "flubberwinkle". Came up empty. It is available. I have created it and thus sent it forth out on the web and it shall be mine, mine alone [sinister cackles] - I tell you, [lightning appears through lab window].
Thus it has been named, thus it shall be.



Setentaydos said...

Hey, I liked this history, I?ve had the same problems some times.
I did that same method like 3 years ago when I choosed Nemus as my nick. It was already taken, but I liked it so much! and then I repeated the method but now with a number. 72.
So, I have two now, sometimes I use just nemus, and sometimes, (like now) I use the 72.
Setentaydos means Seventytwo. Its in spanish, Im from Mexico :)

Flubberwinkle said...

Dear co-blogger Setentaydos,

Your nickname is COOL cause it's in Spanish... now if I did the same with 72 in greek (which is my other native language)... you'd get: ev-do-min-da-di-o.
Not very ear soothing, is it?
Thank you for visiting!
I checked out your blog!

Snake said...

I was curious about the name; this answers all the questions I had and more..

aka Brandi said...

I've seen you around and wondered about how "Flubberwinkle" came to be also.

I like it.

Yuva said...

flub(ber) -- act or an instance of botching or bungling

winkle -- to pry, extract, or force from a place or position. Often used with out.