May 10, 2006

Dolphins have their own names

"Dolphins communicate like humans by calling each other by name, scientists in Fife have found".

I love dolphins with their good-humored nature, sleek swimming style, show-offy flips and of course their IQ. This new info discovered by scientists actually doesn't surprise me. What would surprise me even more would be if scientists could find out if dolphins call sharks names down there in water land.

Dolphins look like they're grinning all the time and I can't shake a fanciful picture devised by my own twisted imagination of dolphins teasing their long-standing enemies: "You're a smelly selachian and your momma's got a big selachian butt! [sing-song] Niah, Niah, Niah, Niah, Niah [/sing song]. Ooh, look it's smelly sharkie-warkie! Didn't your parents ever hear of an orthodontist? Your nose is ug-LY."

Flip. Splash. Look cute and precious for the humans. "Now, let's go whip some shark derriere!"

Ah, gotta love those peaceful, lovable ocean creatures! "No Flipper, stop chivvying the shark, you're making him cry..."