Sep 30, 2005

No, silly, my car doesn't have horsepower... it's a C-A-R.

I ran across this article regarding 4WDs that are used in the city and their drivers' attitudes. And it got me wondering about why people believe their cars mirror their personalities.

I looked out the window at my own car (make: Daewoo, model: Matiz) and wondered what people thought about me behind its wheel.

According to my financial advisor (aka my husband) it was affordable & good for city use. I'm not really great with what's under the hood, I leave that up to hubbie (it reaffirms his post as the only male/hunter in our house). My little Matiz is blue, shaped like an egg and looks like it is playfully smiling at the other co-cars that speed by. We sort of look alike (with the exception of blue). It is subtle, economic and low-priced, which pretty much sums up my life. I suppose that subconsciously I too have chosen a car that represents me out there on the highway of life.