Oct 21, 2005

Bond. James Bond. (or the art of introducing yourself)

Why do some people underrate the art of introducing themselves properly?

[Background info]
Lady walked in my office few days ago. Has computer issues, comes to IT Dept. We've never been introduced in the office building, seen each other but I have no idea what department she's at.

>>She walks in my office -with that weird squished up snob look- like someone is holding a piece of turd under her nose.
No smile, no stretching out the hand for a handshake.

>>She addresses me immediately with my given name.
No "Are YOU Athena?", No "hello", no "how do you do".

>>Starts to bitch about her "yahoo mail account not functioning", "I need a company email account",
No "my name is", No "I work at xyz department".

>>"Yadah, yadah, yadah", "I want my files private, how can I add a password on them" - and she STILL hasn't introduced herself - "when can you fix it and I need it NOW".

>>So far I'm enjoying this little show of ignorance and rudeness... and then she says the magical poo-poo phrase: "I know it can be done, because my friend so-and-so (from so-and-so department) said so".

I'll save you the gruesome details of how her face squished up EVEN more -like that turd was being crammed up her nose- when I asked: "Who ARE you lady?"
It got even better... but that's not the point.

The point is that this newly installed co-worker is trying to sell herself to the wrong people. Her arrogance will do her NO good among the other tribe members (especially witch doctor who controls the PC domain).

I have seen to her computer needs and solved her questions. However, I don't like her. She will always be branded as "turd lady" in my mind. First impressions last.