Nov 9, 2005

Today's agenda: Soup, tissues, aspirin

I'm sick.
Those of you near and dear to me are now grinning and nodding your heads wildly up and down: "I knew it - she finally admitted it!"
I say: No, dodo heads! Not that kind of sick! I mean I've got a cold or a flu (note to self: remember to google these later 'cause you always mix'em up).
Symptoms: I'm numb from the neck up. (More so than usual). My nose and eyes are swollen and runny. A stranger cannot discern my jaw line from my cheekbone... my face feels like a great big b-l-o-b.

I have always had this problem when winter sets in. I cannot show my face in public when I'm like this. Once, a co-worker sneered: "So what, ya got a little cold, can't show up for work?" I went and everyone was gaping at me and shuddering: "What happened to you!!!! You used to be decent-looking! Away with you, you disgusting mucus secreting, revolting thing!" Since then, I have never again tried to be a heroine and go to work while nursing a cold. (The shame of exile still burns in my memory).

I've always been envious of people with colds/flus that don't morph into Quasimodo like I do. Is it hereditary? Do I have an overly-sensitive face? Where are my tissues? Aaaaa-CHOO... I'm sick, did I mention it?