Dec 31, 2005

Resolutions for 2006

Did you say Happy New Year? I thought it was FLA-BBY! So Flabby New Year is a no-no. That means that this year I should finally get back in shape. Maybe I'll start with [thunderous advertisement voice on] "The Abdominizer" [voice off] that my Mom bought for me (hint-hint). I admit there are dormant muscles in my body and I'm getting at an age where no blood vessels should be hibernating or putting up road blocks. Wake up guys! Getting up to smack the printer probably doesn't count as exercise, huh? (I should move that printer closer to me anyway and avoid the whole issue of getting up).

You said Happy New Year, right? Not CRA-BBY New Year? That means I should mellow out even more. Basically, I don't get upset over little things but I'm not quite there yet. I haven't reached my happy place, my Nirvana, my look-at-all-the-colours-in-the-rainbow state of mind.

Uh, oh.
If I don't want a flabby new year I'll have to go on a diet. Well, how the heck can I handle a chocolate-less life and NOT BE CRABBY? [Breathe in, breathe out. Wax on, wax off]. I can do this. I will try to stay sane and not give my kids any excuses to put me in a nursing home later on.

Here's to a BLA-BBY (blog-wise), non-flabby, non-crabby New Year!

I wish you all Health, Happiness & Creativity!

Hugs and Best Wishes to all my blog friends and silent readers!