Feb 18, 2006

Decoding Mona Lisa (again)

The computer breakdown results of Mona's facial gestures bear a great liking to assorted online blog personality tests.

Scientists and art experts, however, can stop racking their brains about her obscure grin. Flubberwinkle to the rescue. Here's my theory according to their estimates:

83 percent happy.
Because she was being immortalized on canvas. What chic chick of yore wouldn't be pleased to have her picture taken?

9 percent disgusted.
Because Leonardo was too old or too distracted with art to control his bodily gases.

6 percent fearful.
Because there was no open window to provide ventilation (see above combined with paint fumes).
Don't let the background fool you. Leo added the country scene later on because the portrait seemed bland.

and 2 percent angry.
Because her Renaissance arse ached from endless hours of sitting.

All done. Mystery solved. Do you want me to tackle the Bermuda Triangle now?