Feb 21, 2006

Grab your suntan lotion. We're off to the Bermuda Triangle!

Touché! I've been challenged to a Bermuda Triangle theory duel by my blog friend Ms Amber. I read hers and I have to confess, it makes a whole lot of sense!

I am -as I blog- setting fire to my printed hypothesis that the ocean's drain hole is situated in the Bermuda Triangle. The compact version (for my non-tech oriented readers) is that Mother Nature occassionally pulls the plug on her watery basin to get rid of excess water. Ah, yes. We all know that the excess water is caused by the greenhouse effect which in turn makes the icebergs melt and the fishies go wee-wee much more.

In other words, Earth (remember she's a gal) relieves the bloated feeling by pulling the drain stop. Unfortunately, anything flying over it or sailing on it is whirl pooled and sucked away like a plastic toy ducky.

Where does the water go, you ask? Sheesh. Give me a break. I'm not Pythia.

My theory pales before Ms Amber's. She's given it more thought than I, hangs out at the kiddie science museum and uses hi-tech mumbo jumbo (like dishes) to stump me. I bow in defeat and acknowledge the master. Besides, I wanna get invited to go on that cruise research boat and help out with the cabana boys deckhands!