Mar 21, 2006

Look alive guys! Spring is here zzzzzzzzzz

Two daisies
Ahhh, Springtime! The rejuvenation of all things living. Nature's way of redeeming us from bleak thoughts and cold days. Things just seem brighter when daisies and dandelions break the recently frozen earth and pop up in greening fields. Today, March 21st, Mother Nature was very kind and kept pace with the old-fashioned term of "First Day of Spring". We were graced with nice weather in Athens, although it's a bit smoggy because there's only a weak breeze. The sun is shining and the temperature is balmy; Earth's vitality is sending me good vibes. So, why on earth did the World Health Organization pick March 21st as World Day of Sleep? I can't celebrate both today. I'm too awake!