Apr 28, 2006

Sometimes judging a book by its cover is OK

Christmas past, I was searching for a book to give my husband. Since he hadn't dropped any clues I was title hunting all on my own. He's big on how the world came about theories and stuff that makes my brain itch, so I stood in the not so busy non-fiction department scanning the shelves and trying to look like I knew what I was looking for. An annoying salesperson kept circling me like a desert vulture over a staggering cow in search of water. Just when I was ready to give up and keel over, I eyed this: "What Einstein forgot to tell his barber". What's this? I smirked arching my eyebrow, "A cute title in the geek section"? Flipping through it, I found it both scientific AND amusing. What are the chances of ever putting THOSE two words together in a sentence? I asked the salesperson -who in the meantime had given up trying to sell me the Complete Works of John Gribbin- to gift-wrap it.

The outcome of this chance buy was affirmative. Husband liked it. In fact, he liked it so much that he also requested the preceding book title "What Einstein didn't know".

-"Is this a series?" I inquired, apprehensive of yet another wily title involving old Albert.

-"I'm not sure. By the way, what made you pick this particular book, did you read a book review or someone suggest it?"

-"Nope. I chose this one entirely by its cover and title".

-"Good call".

While I was out searching for husband's book order, I chanced upon this translated Greek title: "French women don't get fat". I actually COULD NOT recall any fat French women, so I grabbed the book safely to my bosom, smiled smugly that at long last I might be cradling the secret for a perfect figure. The book has been worthwhile and elucidating. So, I guess the moral of the story is that sometimes judging a book by its cover is OK. Mais, oui!