Jul 26, 2006

Consumer trends and tender tooshies

An aunt and uncle from my husband's side, who have lived most of their lives in Germany and now in their golden years have settled back in their village (near Soufli, Evros) visited us this week. We got a chance to catch up on family news, village tidings and international politics. At one point we even discussed how conveniently low-priced the German supermarket chains are (Lidl, Plus) and have come to the rescue of the ailing Greek household budget.

The Aunt, not missing a skip from village gossip, commented how the other women in the village refuse to buy products from these chains because they consider them inferior to popular, high-priced brand names. She sardonically quoted a middle-aged neighbour who thought the toilet paper from these supermarkets is "too harsh".

I managed to keep a straight face at this scuttlebutt, until my husband -who grew up in the village and remembers (quite well) that running water and sewers were added a mere 30 some years ago - remarked: "They used to wipe their butts with corn husks out in the fields and they find Lidl toilet paper harsh?"

I doubled over with laughter.

toilet paper holder for the nature lover


nuntius said...

I alwyas thought that corn was placed on earth to produce corn flakes, pop corn and horror films. Now i think of me as a very conservative person...

Anonymous said...

zardoz says:

TOUCHE..on the tushy paper.


melusina said...

You can't overestimate the effects of consumerism on the public.

Of course, I am one of those people who is very particular about my tp.

Sylvana said...

I convinced my parents to spring for the soft toilet paper years ago. My mom said she bought this certain brand of rough toilet paper because it lasted longer. I told her it lasted longer because no one wanted to wipe with it!