Jul 20, 2006


It just makes me want to tear my skin off with anger when anyone attempts to "rationalize" war. I am deeply ashamed that we, supposedly the most intelligent beings on this planet, employ boolsheet excuses such as sects, religions and forefathers' lands to kill. Cynically aware of the underlying economic interests motivating this gigantic political gameboard, how convenient for the US if Syria and Iran get involved. The US will finally get international endorsement to officially invade and occupy yet another country(-ies?), this time under the pretext of averting a war. They've already used the "searching for nukes" excuse on Iraq. Aaaaaand, if "entirely by chance" the US can control Persian oil deposits at the same time, well -what the hell!- an occupying force's job is never done!

Blood ain't oil. It can't keep the money cycle up and running.
Blood is expendable. Oil isn't.