Oct 3, 2006

Campaign against legalising "paedophile political party"

in Greek...
ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΑ ΕΚΣΤΡΑΤΕΙΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΟ «ΧΑΜΟΓΕΛΟ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΙΔΙΟΥ» - Όχι στη νομιμοποίηση «του κόμματος των παιδοφίλων»
Όλα τα στοιχεία και οι υπογραφές που θα συγκεντρωθούν θα αποσταλούν από «Το Χαμόγελο του Παιδιού» στην αρμόδια Επιτροπή Συλλογής Υπογραφών. [αναλυτικότερα εδώ]
When I first heard about the Dutch having a Paedophile Party I asked myself "What are you people smoking over there?"
Today, I became aware of this campaign by a greek non-government organization and defender of children's rights "To Hamogelo tou Paidiou" (Children's Smile). You can find the Greek text here. The following is my translation from Greek, in hopes of more people participating and not allowing this atrocity pass.

in English...
UNBELIEVABLE RULING: Legalization of the Paedophile Party by the Dutch Government!

Following the decision of The Hague to allow the founding of such party, based on freedom of expression, freedom of voting and getting elected, the Dutch government formally acknowledged the newly founded Party of Paedophiles (PNVD).

In this case, freedom of expression acts against children’s rights.

Basic goals of the party are:
Legalising sexual contact between adults and minors from age 12.
Legalization of child-pornography material for personal use.
Furthermore, the PVND is opposed to any legislation that forbids sexual contact between humans and animals.

Every aware citizen in Europe, and all over the world, must protest legalization of this political party.

Finland, currently European Union’s Presidency, is planning on petitioning the EU to put a stop to the Dutch Paedophile Party. The request by the Finnish Prime Minister will be rendered to Mr. Franco Frattini, EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Freedom and Security, at the end of this year.

Within the framework of the informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Justice and Internal Affairs, which took place Sept.20-22 in Tampere, the Finnish citizens handed in their first signatures to their Minister of Justice.

The more people all over the world sign this petition, the greater its force will be!

We ask all of you to participate in this universal protest by sending in your name and e-mail.
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