Nov 10, 2006

Knowing thyself and amusing others with that knowledge

Going into work today, a colleague who's on his way out stops me -right outside the building's entrance- to complain about his computer and ask me to take care of it.

When I go inside the concierge greets me with 'Did you see that man gaping at you?'
-Really? Where?
Doorman points to a short, Indian man walking away.
-It figures. He's looks like he's from India.
Doorman looks at me quizzically.
-We're sacred over there, ya know.

He couldn't stop laughing long enough to give me my office key.
Had to get it myself.



liliputaner said...

I didn't have time to visit your blog for a while and i have to say that I like very much your extreme blog-makeover!!!A piece of art!;-)

mamselle said...

cool new layout!
how do you like, 'the eight'?
i read that an eternity ago...but loved it :)

Flubberwinkle said...

Liliputaner, Thanks for compliment, but the credits (as the page source and side bar attests) go to [drum roll, please] lovely Cristina at
I was on the lookout for a change and this template gives me the flexibilty to change mastheads(banners) every month.

Mamselle, I bought a greek translation of 'the eight' as a birthday present for a young cousin this summer. I was hooked by the summary of the back cover and so decided to buy my own copy (in english).
It's been on my sidebar for a while now, not because I'm such a slowreader, but because I only get the chance to read while I commute back and forth from work.
I REALLY like it so far, the way it goes back and forth in time and how the parts are all coming together. It's one of those books I'll be sorry to finish and say goodbye to its characters.
Everything in Greece arrives later than the US and Canadian markets because of translation and subtitle delays (#@#$#$@##).

DrMax said...

Great new look Flubberwinkle (and Cristina)! Love the new masthead.

Also appreciated your story, if only more folks had a sense of humor about themselves, this would be a much more peaceful world.

Flubberwinkle said...

Thanks Doc!
I agree. Humor alleviates.

There's also a quote/bumper sticker out there I like: To be taken seriously, know how to laugh at yourself.

liliputaner said...

Hi!It's me again!!!I got so impressed by your extreme-blogmakeover that i decided to change mine!!!Thanks for the sources and above all for theinspiration!!:-)

Flubberwinkle said...

You're very welcome Liliputaner!