Nov 15, 2006

When tanks roamed the streets of Athens and Greeks stripped of basic civil rights, tortured and persecuted...

When tanks roamed the streets of Greece...
On November 14-15-16, 1973 the Greek people's resistance against the military dictatorship reached a decisive point with the Athens Polytechnic uprising.
Athens Polytechnic November 1973
November 17 is more than just a day of remembrance for those who fought to bring democracy back to the same land that had conceived the idea. It is a day that marks the struggle of oppressed peoples everywhere.

The night the tanks crashed down the main steel entrance of the Athens Polytechnic along with students still climbed on it

The boy who braved the tanks
This story is inspired by the heroic death of Diomedes Komninos, a worthyson of the Greek people. In November 1973 he went to the Polytechnic to fight for the freedom of his country. He would never come back. He was 16.