Dec 3, 2006

Christmas aisle experience

Little boy, about 2-3 years old, swinging his legs from the shopping cart seat looks at all the Santa Clauses, snowmen and Rudolphs on the shelves. Suddenly he starts screaming his not-so-tiny voice off at them. No words. Just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Kids scares me out of my wits and I give a fright jump. His Mom rushes to him, shushing him. I look desperately at the kid and wonder why his mother isn't asking him where it hurts but instead I notice that his yelling is actually aimed at the shelves. For a moment I'm stumped. And then it dawns on me.

His scream is scanning for the voice/music activated Christmas dolls so they can start swinging and swaying. He knows the power source for his entertainment has to come from him.

OK, kiddo, I give you points on thinking fast, but NOW shut up. The voice activated dolls were one aisle back.