Dec 21, 2006

Photo blogging the Christmas spirit in and around my home

Our Christmas tree. Documenting it so the Internet doesn't think of me as a Bah!Humbug sort of gal.

Daughter#2 and those ridiculous reindeer antlers she's attached to.

My two favorite ornaments. Two little angel girls hand-made of dough, that I purchased from a charity bazaar many years ago.

Up close and personal with the Christmas tree.

Lining up home-made cupcakes for Daughter#2's school Christmas bazaar for

3 left over cupcakes we couldn't fit into the trays.

While we were baking our hearts out, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was playing on Greek television. Dabbling with the camera, I caught a scene from the film. Greek subtitle: "It's my chocolate and I'll do as I please with it". Makes for a suitable motto for any chocoholic, like myself.

Photos from my neighborhood

My town's municipal employees (including the trash collectors)
have NOT been paid by our Local Municipal Government for over 3 months and have been on strike for a couple of weeks. I refuse to throw out my trash and take part in this disgusting array of "street art". I recycle most and keep the non-recyclables in large hefty bags on my
veranda until the strike is over. Hey, if it was Christmas and you hadn't been paid you'd see the strikers' viewpoint too, especially since our Municipal officials have scandalously emptied the town treasury. Ironically, there is a faded poster of the mayoral candidate who won the recent local elections in October and will take up his mayoral duties on January 1st, 2007. Welcome to office, mayor!

Seeing the bright side of things: "Sunrise over garbage"



deviousdiva said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family. Those cupcakes look delicious! I posted my tree today too. I love Christmas.

Windfall Woman said...

I LOVE your Christmas ornaments and the antlers! Thank you for sharing FW. Merry Christmas!

V-Grrrl said...

Sunrise over garbage--you totally make me laugh!

nuntius said...

Where can i find one (or maybe two) of those exciting things duaghter#2 wear on her head? I am not quiet sure what u were talking about ("reindeer antlers") below the photo (i learn english by song lyrics and movies but i can't remember a single song or movie containg these words). Perhaps you were talking about the balls on the tree or something... !Happy holidays!

John said...

Happy holidays. Of course, you don't need 'congratulations' but 'thank you' for not contributing to the garbage on the streets.

Beerli said...

We had cupcakes too! Chocolate ones! Pity about the garbage but really appreciated seeing the pictures. Hope your New Year is just great. :)

Bound for Ceiba said...

Gotta love it when government stops paying its employees... recently the Honduran Minister of Education told teachers to get loans for Christmas - since they have not been paid for months! Ugh.


Great post, and Happy New Year!