Jan 24, 2007

Stepping out from the blogosphere into real life

Yesterday I met and had coffee with an inspiring co-blogger, DD from This Is Not My Country. She's as wonderful -in life- as her writings reflect. We had a great talk and kept sidetracking, as gushing conversations often do, when there are so many topics to cover and so little time.

This was the first time -ever- in my life to meet someone from cyberspace. It was elating to find out that a favorite co-blogger is, indeed, as interesting and ultra cool as I had imagined from her blog.



Rick said...

I just can't seem to work up the nerve. There are lots of bloggers in my neck of the woods, but I'm afraid they'll be all digital 'n' stuff. Else I will.

Windfall Woman said...

OK....because I'm a worrier.....be careful FW. I'm sure you are, but...We love ya. Glad she was fun. I'll hop over there for a visit.

V-Grrrl said...

I've met four bloggers in person so far. The first meeting is always nerve-wracking, just like a first date. So far, I've had only great experiences!

deviousdiva said...

Oh my goodness! I am so happy to have met you too!

I have met a couple of bloggers and my experience has been really positive too.

You are just as I imagined from your blog too. Charming, witty and wonderful. Let's do coffee again soon?

The boy will email you ... (He's busy with basketball commitments) but thank you for the gift. He's loving it!