Feb 2, 2007

Baby talk

Yesterday I was talking to Mom on the phone. I asked how her almost 2-month baby grandson (my nephew) was faring, since she lives in the apartment above my brother and sister-in-law. She plunged into a detailed description (my Mom is famous for) of how cute and smart he is.

-I keep talking to him and he looks like he's actually paying attention and follows me around with his eyes.

-Wow, that's great.

-He looks like he recognizes me, maybe it's because I keep talking and talking to him.

-Awwww, that's adorable.

-I know it sounds funny, Athena, but I actually think he's trying to babble something back to me.

-Gee Mom, do you think he's struggling to form the words "please stop Grandma?"

-No smartypants.