Mar 22, 2007

Crazy about crayons

I stopped in another office to say hello and was delighted to see that a colleague had brought along her daughter. Adorable toddler, very comfortable with everyone but bored out of her bambino mind with what they had scrounged up as toys to keep her busy: a blue ballpoint pen (blah!), a plain piece of white paper (pif!) and two fluorescent highlighters (yeah, like, woo-hoo!).

I winked at her and asked her if she liked crayons and coloring pages.

Kid's eyes lit up, quickly jumped off her mother's lap, grabbed my hand, looked up at me, "Take me to them".

While my kids were growing up and going through various boxes of crayons I couldn't bear the thought of throwing any left-overs away. All broken, unwanted, half-used delightful wax sticks were secretly stashed away in a colorful bag that I kept at work. This little treasure chest of arts and crafts has made many of my colleagues' kids very happy over the years just when they had lost all hope of any fun at Mommy's or Daddy's workplace.

If I have a tot visitor, I go to print out some ready-made coloring pages, sit and draw with them. Most of my colleagues are grateful that my office and I are child-friendly, leaving them some free time to get some work done. Little do they know, however, that I enjoy myself as much as the kids do. We try not go outside the lines, but even if we do, it's OK.