Apr 11, 2007

Vlogues, the new blogs

I'm sure most of you have heard/read about Anna "Devil-wears-Prada" Wintour's demand that "blog" be replaced with a more attractive word. I agree with the Vogue editrix -not how we each perceive "fashion" obviously- but, how gaudy the word "blog" sounds.

Here, in Europe, blog sounds less tacky because the "o" is pronounced like oreo, the cookies.(See why I'm not a fashion queen? My mind immediately went to food.) Whereas, on the other side of the Atlantic the "o" is pronounced ah, as in blah. Ms.Wintour makes a valid argument, blog (pronounced the American way) sounds like it's ready to hurl its stomach contents.

Therefore, since blog=web+log and since vlogs=video+log are the NEW blogs I propose: vlogues. By vloguers. In the vloguesphere. Elegant enough?



V-Grrrl said...

I second the motion!

Beerli said...

Saw this the other night when I did the quick popover! Great idea...but it looks just so delicious!! Good photo, heh?

Beerli said...

Hope you realise I meant this for the bagel! Sorry..not well!! Vlogues are a great idea. So classy.

Flubberwinkle said...

You just gave me an idea, Beerli.

How about a VLAGEL? A bagel for the fashion-wary.