Jun 5, 2007

Brand new era. Same old Greek way.

On May 17th, 2007 the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance launched a major public awareness campaign on the benefits of new information and telecommunication technologies (ITT). The campaign's name (fittingly) "Ψηφιακή Ελλάδα" ["Digital Greece"].

It's been 20 days since the campaign started and TV and billboard ads are encouraging us to check out the official site psifiakiellada.gr and become acquainted with the possibilities and opportunities offered by the new technologies.

The irony?

The site is still under construction.

Ahem...nice n' easy does it Digital-Greece fellas.
You wouldn't want to bombard the newbies YOUR CAMPAIGN IS TARGETING with TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Oh, I dunno, like a mission statement or an online timeline of when we should bother revisiting.

this screenshot was taken June 5th, 2007
Brand new era... same old Greek way of doing things.



Scottsdale Girl said...

Hello! I found you by way of Mr. Rick Leonard (he says "HI!")

My father and I are planning a trip to Greece and are most likely going to come in Early to Mid January. Can you tell me what the weather is like then? (I assume COLD)


Windfall Woman said...

LOL. I'm sorry. I can't help laughing.

Rick said...

I don't grok Greek, but it looks like you must watch a lot of television?

Flubberwinkle said...

Hello scottsdale girl!
Before global warming affected our planet's weather I could reassure you that it would be wise to have mild-winter clothing with you since Athens (and most Greek isles) did not have particular harsh winters. Now?
It's all up for grabs! We're getting our April showers in June. Go figure! So your'e better off tuning in to online forecasts before you start packing. Hope you enjoy your trip!
Athena aka Flubberwinkle

Hey WindfallWoman!
I know... I can't stop laughing either!

Hi Rick!
The screenshot is from the site I blogged about, which so far only offers the TV commercials, that's why the pic looks like a TV guide...

nuntius said...

I psifiaki ellada is always under construction. I can't understand what you find bizzare, it's like humans have two legs etc...

deviousdiva said...


buruburu said...

Pathetic and typical. Since 90% of us are mitsares that have never touched a keyboard. It's all "saltses" for the masses. Making themselves look like they're doing something. Pre election noise. (vomit)

Yuva said...

with my 15mth experience of living in Athens, i am not surprised..;)