Jun 25, 2007

Stop stealing the F***ing signs!

There is a beautiful, small Austrian village consisting of 32 houses and a population of around 100, with literally no crime rate except for some annoying English-speaking tourists who steal the village's name posts. Why? Because the town has an unusual name:
Fucking, Austria
Fucking in German (the official language of Austria) is actually pronounced fooking, which makes the Fucking villagers pretty pissed off with Fucking tourists. According to this article, Fucking residents are fed up with the Fucking sign stealing and placed new ones in concrete to deter wannabe robbers.

Speaking of oddly named places, I came across Hell, Norway which also has a lot of funny sign potential: Hell High School, Hell Hospital etc. Obviously the phrase "when Hell freezes over" takes on new meaning in Norway and its subzero temperatures.

Fucking Wikipedia entry [english] [greek]