Jul 21, 2007



Today was the first day in a very, very long time that I had the day to myself. Daughter#1 left for a week long vacation last night and Daughter#2 has been and will be at summer camp until the end of the month. So, I had the entire day to spend with my imaginary wannabe son, Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows I got up early today and true to my promise I went and purchased JK Rowling's final installment of the series. The bookstore offered a few comfy chairs and a cafe to dive immediately into Harry's world, but I knew that once started I wouldn't be able to tear myself away and Husband and my in-laws were expecting me for lunch.

I did cheat a little however. A few days ago scanned pages of the book's epilogue were being passed around the Internet and not showing any will power whatsoever, I read the last page, to brace myself for the end. Rumors on the web said that the scannings might be a hoax so while I was stroking the hardcover of the book wondering if it was true or not. I whipped open the last page and satisfied my curiosity.

I started reading at 2.00 p.m., a couple of bathroom breaks, four ice-teas (which is why I'm still awake and blogging) and three laundry washes later, at almost midnight, with puffy eyes and a very wet handkerchief I sighed, hugged the book and said my good-byes.

JK Rowling knows her closures, that's for sure.



John said...

Jealous. Very. Jealous.

Snake said...

You must be a fast reader, FW. We bought the book yesterday for my daughter. But she's only 7 and is only on book 4. We don't own 5&6 yet still she insisted on getting 7--along w/the rest of the world.

buruburu said...

I read the first book years ago in an afternoon, while staying over at a friends place. I found it pretty mediocre and left it at that. I am an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction (more of the latter though). There are a lot more interesting authors I think in the Genre. Try Ursula Le Guin's fantastic book A Wizard of Earthsea .

mamselle said...

oh...i read it too...i'm so sad i have finished it!
it was wonderful, however...perhaps sadder even because it does end now...
nice to see you!
how hot is it in greece? ;)