Jul 12, 2007

Just another loooooooong week at work (geek la-la land)

It's always the same story.
Computer crashes.
User whines, "Oh nooooo, now what????"
I tell them not to fret since they kept a backup of their most wanted files, right? RIGHT?
The User whimpers a moan, shrugs surrender and tears well up in his/her eyes.
I shake my head in disbelief ONCE AGAIN.

I'm tired of reminding people the OBVIOUS. Computers will crash, so keep a backup of the files that are important to you.
And don't start up on the "why me, Oh Lord, why me"... it's not like you just found out you have cancer so get a grip. Sure it's hard work, but obviously you didn't regard it as such otherwise you would have made BACKUP COPIES YOU FOOL!

[phew, rant is over, Zen mode re-initiated]