Nov 14, 2007

The calendar meme

Wednesday - November 14, 2007

40 years ago

...I took my first steps,
knowing my mother was there to catch me.

30 years ago
...I learned to ride a bicycle,
knowing my Dad was holding my bike seat.

20 years ago
...I handed my heart over to a man called Husband,
who's still holding it.

15 years ago
...I realized that parenting is a journey.

10 years ago
...I learned to trust myself.

5 years ago
...I learned not to trust others.

2 years ago
...I realized how right I was.

1 year ago
...I promised I would never cry again.

...I cried.

...I closed my eyes and remembered
how sweet it is to ride your bike and look back
to see Dad smiling proudly that you did it.

...I go to the airport to pick my mother up,
who knows I'm there to catch her if she falls.