Jan 20, 2008

Fancy baby talk

Last night as I was leaving from my brother's and sister-in-law's home, I waved good bye to my one-year old nephew: "Feygo" (Greek for "I'm leaving").
And that adorable lump of little man reciprocated with enthusiastic waving and what sounded a lot like "Feygeis?" (Leaving?)

My sister-in-law and I stopped dead in our tracks and locked disbelieving stares, "Didja hear what I heard?"
So far, he says "papa", "mmmmmm" instead of mama (breaking my sister-in-law's heart), and a lot of incoherent baby talk with a side dish of baby drool.

Is it possible MY nephew is already conjugating verbs in question form?


Snake said...

Your sister-in-law; babies almost always say da-da before mam-am; at least that's how it works in English...

Snake said...

Oops, I meant to say your sister-in-law shouldn't feel so bad...

Devious Diva said...

The boy is a genius of course.

lol. This reminds me of the kids first word "up". We knew he was special from that moment on.

Windfall Woman said...

If he's your nephew, then I'm sure he's a genius! Happy New Year dear FW!


You're right Snake. It works the same here too. Kids babble "baba" (=greek equivalent of dada) first. It's heart-wrenching nonetheless for us mommas.

Hey DD!
Move over Mensa, my nephew's in town.

Hi WW!
Aw shucks. I ain't dat smart.

Anonymous said...

pa pa pa

da da da

sounds nice to me =Ζ=