Jan 5, 2008

How would you react if you were snorkeling and saw this right below you?

British sculptor/diver James deCaires Taylor (www.underwatersculpture.com) has created a series of beautiful, yet eerie, underwater sculptures located in Grenada, West Indies. These subaqueous works of art are designed to create artificial reefs allowing natural reefs a greater chance to repair and to regenerate.

I particularly liked the "Lost Correspondent" (man sitting at typewriter). Credits for me finding out Taylor's astonishing underwater sculptures go to Bernard's Glyptothiki.



Anonymous said...

zardoz says:

if i didntknow it would be there.

probably ,, shitless first

inquisitive second.........=Z=

nuntius said...

Are those real???

PS. HAPPY HAPPY new year to the entire flubb-o-familly!

Rick said...

That creeps me right the hell out. But it seems so... appropriate.