May 11, 2008

Blogging with pen and paper

A new Greek blog game is afoot and I took the liberty of inviting myself.

...The rules (in Greek) are here at the creator's (Allu Fun Marx's) blog. Put aside your keyboard and mouse for a while, write something in Greek (that's the catch) - anything that you like- the old-fashioned way using a pen/pencil/crayon/etc. on paper, post it on your blog and add για το

Oh and then you're supposed to tag at last 5 people to do the same. And by now, Internet, you should know that I shudder at the thought of tagging/choosing because it brings back not-so-fond memories of elementary & jr.high school where I was usually one of the last to be tagged for team. (Apparently fumbling the ball doesn't help gym class popularity... go figure.) In any case I am so generous I tag all of my able-to-write-in-Greek blogger friends (yes, all 3 of ya) to partake and have fun.

Here's my submission:
dear blog,