Jul 5, 2008

Happy Belated Blog Birthday Post for Daughter#2

Dear Daughter#2,

I know you hate having your birthday on July 2nd. Trust me I didn't plan on making your life miserable like this. Summer birthdays suck.

School's out and most of your friends have left with their families for summer holidays or they've been shipped off to their villages where hapless grandparents have the task of looking after them.

When you were younger we scheduled your birthday party in early June instead of July and all your classmates were invited. Those were good times when you didn't care about the date, the cake or food, as long as your friends came, which they did.

Since last year however, things have changed. You informed me that most of the parties you've been to this (and last) year were boring. Unsurprisngly, gathering at your friends' houses eating little spinach pies, with Michalis Hatziyiannis (who you abhor) blaring from the stereo and a bunch of adults (relatives) in the kitchen smoking their hearts out, just doesn't it cut it for you as a party.

Now that you have finished your second year of junior high school (gymnasio) you want a little more action, a little more sophistication. Unfortunately, your plan to take a few friends to the nearest cinemaplex for lunch, a movie and few bumper car rides didn't work out this June. I know it's not the same but September is near so you can postpone your birthday outing util then.

The good news is that on the day you were born your grandmother returned from her trip with tidings that your grandfather had been found, is well and things are hopeful. We all got together for dinner and we surprised you with a humble birthday cake (which we kept telling you we forgot to buy). It was a tiny get together but you were beaming nonetheless. When you kissed me good-night you told me how happy you were that we were all together that day and you thanked me and your father for making your birthday nice.

My heart skipped a beat at the thought of how I almost might not have had you in my embrace at that moment. I recalled the day you were born 14 years ago and how the doctors in the neonatal intensive care unit had informed your father and I to prepare ourselves for the worst, that you might not make it.

It was the first of two times in my life that doctors have looked me in the eye and yanked my heart out. You proved them wrong. And we are so grateful and lucky to have you.

Happy Birthday kid.
Thank you for you.