Oct 28, 2008

Counting pennies

Things were tight. Things will get even tighter. Money keeps running out earlier and earlier every month with the steeping prices. Yesterday at the supermarket I stopped for bread and milk and was surprised to hear the customer ahead of me tell the cashier "Oh no... please don't hand me the small change, I'm trying to get rid of the extra baggage".

Proof that the economic situation hasn't hit all of us.


Vicki said...

At least (here it is) gas is coming down. And I agree with you, I want all my change back. We work hard for the money!
I'm here via That's My Answer. Stop by my meme blog if you want.

BTW~It must be amazing living in Greece!!!

Shannon H. said...

*wave* I am here visiting via "That's My Answer".

Have that customer send me the small change! I need all I can get.