Oct 12, 2008

"Sometimes" meme

  • Sometimes I just need: the chocolate.
  • Sometimes I want: to cocoon and find myself.
  • Sometimes I like to: be very busy and lose myself.
  • Sometimes all it takes: is a smile to make someone's day.
  • Sometimes I picture: a different world.
  • Sometimes I wish: computers could slap their users.
  • Sometimes I find: out (again) how nasty politics are.
  • Sometimes I take: myself for granted.
  • Sometimes I look: downright harried.
  • Sometimes I hate: being empathetic.
  • Sometimes it’s nice: to see all checkmarks on my to-do-list.
  • Sometimes it hurts: to remember my Dad.
  • Sometimes it makes me happy: to remember my Dad.
  • Sometimes it’s sad: to think how different things could have been.
  • Sometimes I listen: to the undertones of a conversation.
  • Sometimes I sleep: on the couch with the TV remote in my hand.
  • Sometimes I like to watch: infomercials.
  • Sometimes I feel: so fortunate.
  • Sometimes I rant: and get it off my chest.
  • Sometimes I never: back down.
  • Sometimes I really: just need the chocolate.

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