Nov 8, 2008

Cell phone etiquette & public transportation

One of my pet peeves are cell phones and how people think they are obliged to engage in a conversation anywhere, anytime.

People, seriously, when you're on the subway or on any means of public transportation PLEASE don't chat away continuously on your cell phone. I don't mind passengers chatting amongst them on buses, trams, trolleys and subways but to have to listen to someone go on, and on and on with a headphone set is unnerving.

I don't care what you're making for dinner, I don't give a cow's dung if your co-worker treated you bad, I'd rather stick a fork through my eyeball than listen to all the details of what you chose to wear to a wedding you've been invited to.
Shut. uuuuup.

Take a cue from people who respect themselves and others around them: Answer the call (don't let the darn thing keep ringing with Britney's latest hit), explain you're on the subway and that you'll call back when you get to the office etc.

And if you insist on taking or making a call, then never rant in public using names and places - you never know when a future boss, an in-law or co-worker is standing 2 passengers behind you.