Nov 16, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Taking part (for the first time) in LunaNina's weekly "Unconscious Mutterings": Luna Nina posts ten words, participants respond with the first thing that comes to mind [this week's words].

1. Please stop :: the wars.
2. Move over :: please.
3. Sweet as :: pie.
4. Bet :: you can.
5. Mad about :: cancer.
6. It's over :: and done.
7. Intend to :: do it.
8. Blame :: myself.
9. Jefferson :: Airplane.
10. Heartless :: and cold.


Le laquet said...

I muttered too - we didn't match BUT Jefferson Airplane was the second Jefferson that came to mind. I am off to see what kind og baby I could make with the lovely Hugh Jackman ;o)

Have a great Sunday

the alien-joseph said...

you're likely to find this project addictive. stream-of-conciousness my favourite form and this meme fits in with that quite well.
stick with it. i like to go and read what pours out of the heads of others.

Hootin' Anni said...

first, I must say I love your online alias.

Jefferson Airplane seems to be the 'favorite' of the ones I've visited so far.

Hope to see you at Hootin' Anni's today to view my mutterings. Have a great Sunday.

splummer said...

We matched on #2. Didn't think of Jefferson Airplane, good one. Take Care!!


The Social Frog said...

We got #9 the same!

MommyWizdom said...

You did great!! And I finally know what Jefferson Airplane is... Ha!

Come check out my new meme, Boggle Me Thursday!

Laane said...

Jefferson Airplane was at the tip of my tongue.

I wrote down something else though.

In case you're interested, my unconscious mutterings are here.

Have a wonderful week!