Mar 6, 2009

Ouch. How'd you get that?

Plinky asked me to share my scar(s). I did:

I have a 4 stitch-scar under my bottom lip from falling on bottle cap (age 3). It was the first time my mom left me alone with dad...

I have a lumpy scar on my right thumb from a piece of glass that stabbed me while I was washing the dishes on a Mothers' Day (age12). The darn hole took forever to heal and I'm guessing I needed stitches but didn't want to make my mother worry on Mother's Day so I bit the bullet and wrapped my thumb in piles of Band-Aids.

I have a burn scar on the inside of right ankle from touching the exhaust pipe on a motorbike (age 18). I still shudder when I remember the burning sensation and I avoided motorcycle rides ever since.

I have a C-section scar from Daughter#2's birth (age 28). This one serves as my own personal weather vane, itching when there's a temperature change...

I have 4 tiny button hole scars scattered on my belly are from my laparoscopic cholecystectomy (age 40). The one on my belly button gives me the shivers.