Jun 22, 2009

Slaves & ku klux klan methods in Greece.

An unprecedented act of racism in New Manolada. Two Greek farmers beat, tortured and robbed two Bangladeshi land workers, tied them with a roped behind a motorcycle and dragged them around in the village. The farmers believed that their missing sheep had been stolen by migrant workers, who took the law in their own hands. Without bothering to report the missing animals to local police decided to find the culprits out on their own. They singled out a migrant worker, terrorized him, who then lead them to his compatriots. The Greeks randomly chose two foreigners to brutalize.

The villagers called the police at the shocking sight of two men being dragged behind a motorcycle driven by their torturers. The two Greek farmers were arrested for dangerous bodily harm, unlawful violence, insults and theft and the two migrant workers for suspicion of animal theft and... for not providing Greek officials with proper papers (residence permits, alien cards)!

On the one hand Greek employers exploit immigrants as cheap labor force and the other blame them for anything that goes wrong, unemployment, crime, missing sheep.

The recent euroelections results have foreshadowed Greek society's mentality. The ultra right wing Greek Party, LAOS, which advocates migrant sweeps and "solving the migrant problem once and for all" tallied a surprising 7% of Greek votes. I'm afraid the disgusting behavior of the Manolada farmers will find applauders and mimics.