Aug 1, 2009

The Greek church strikes again

The Greek church did not like the part in acclaimed film maker Costas Gavras' animation depicting the widely known fact that Christians and priests during the Byzantine hacked away at the Parthenon and served in its ruin. The short film, made by Gavras in 2003, was being shown at the new Acropolis Museum to depict catastrophes the ancient monument has endured throughout history.

The Greek church -embarrassed by its own history- protested and the Acropolis museum officials censored (!!!) Gavras' film. Did someone mention that the Greek church has the Greek state by the balls? Naaaaah.

UPDATE, Aug.4 th 2009
ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's new Acropolis museum on Tuesday reversed a decision to cut a short film by director Costa Gavras to appease the powerful Greek Orthodox Church, after a public outcry. >> entire story