Mar 21, 2010

World Day against Racism

My friend, Katy, gave me Gazmend Kaplani's book "Small Diary of Borders" (Μικρό Ημερολόγιο Συνόρων) as a Christmas present three months ago. However I hadn't gotten around to reading it until last week.
I had already thanked her for the gift, but after finishing the book last week I thanked her again for such a great gift.

The only free time I have to read books is while commuting back and from work on the trains. I was so fascinated with Mr.Kaplani's storytelling that I couldn't control my eyes brimming with tears or my mouth smiling while reading the book. All week long my co-passengers stared intensely at the cover of the book I was reading trying to understand the cause of my mirth or why I was dabbing my eyes with a tissue.

Today, March 21st is World Day against racism and my humble contribution to the blogosphere is read this book.

This book is
for Greeks,
for Albanians,
for anyone who has lived the life of the immigrant,
for anyone who has looked down on and treated an immigrant badly,
for anyone who has a sense of humor,
for anyone who has a sense of humanity.