Jun 15, 2013

NO to shutting down ERT!

A moving final performance by the Greek National Broadcasting (ERT) Symphony and Choir on the night of June 14th, 2013, the fourth day since the greek government decided without warning to shut down the national broadcasting television and radio (including the symphony and choir among them). The government literally pulled the plug in a matter of hours.

3000 working people suddenly left without work and a nation without its own public broadcaster! Greeks abroad lost their satellite connections with the greek public broadcaster.

The reaction to this unjust and unacceptable move on the part of the greek government has been overwhelming. European and worldwide solidarity pouring in. Greek citizens standing watch outside the ERT station so that the journalists, directors etc can keep broadcasting via internet 24 hours a day.


EllasDevil said...


Hope you're well and you and your family are surviving the crisis. Quick update on me, I don't live in Greece anymore. Lost my parent within the space of six months and that prompted me to jump ship so to speak. Living and working in Dallas TX these days but currently on a 10 week secondment in Europe.

As for ERT, I've watched them through the Internet since I left and actually was tuned in for the 21:00 news on 11/6 when that was the main story. Haven't seen Elli Stai since then. She's not helped with the online campaign.

Think it's shocking what they did. They needed to get rid of the political appointments who earned mega salaries. It's the guys there now who need to be kept. The people who worked night and day for their money.

I'm back in Greece at the end of this month and plan to visit ERT to show support.


Flubberwinkle said...

Oh Niko, I'm so terribly sorry for your losses. My sincerest condolences.

I know it may sound strange since we've only "conversed" via our blogs but I have thought about you and hope you are doing well. I guess virtual friendships can bond just as well as real-life ones. I wish you the best, my young friend and hope you are healthy, happy and loved.

(Forgive my delay in answering, I have been a very bad blogger these past few years, but I plan on writing about my recent brain surgery -no kidding- which is why I was out of sorts for quite a while).