Nov 30, 2005

"Umm, my computer won't start."

It's nearing noon and I've just started on my second cup of coffee.
Office phone rings.
I pick up: "Hello?"

Diffident male voice: "Umm, my computer won't start." [I scan my mind for voice recognition, ah yes, it's so-and-so... and I silently holler: Would it kill ya to say 'hello' ya jackass and state your name???]

"Is it plugged in?" I require.

"Ah, le'me see, eh, [pause] yeah, I think so".

"What do you mean 'think'? Is it or isn't it?"

"There are so many cables, which one do you mean?", he retorts.

*sigh* "The one that ends up in the socket on the wall" [rolling my eyes impatiently].

"Oh, yeah, right, *snort* that one. Yeah, yeah. [confidence back in his voice] It's plugged in".

I follow the drill: "Did you push the start button, or the reset button?" and other like questions follow, but still clueless as to why the darn thing won't start. I finally give up and haul my tooshie to employee's office for online diagnosis, while dreading probable technical causes...

I observe in horror as the electrical cable lies scattered on the floor: "I thought you said it was plugged in!!!"

"It is", he points to the wall.

"That's the telephone jack!!! [brain voice: Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! For Pete's sake... don't you know the difference???? $#%%$%$#$%$%$##@#@!!!!] Who unplugged the computer?"

"Uh, I don't know. Maybe the cleaning lady", he replies in unconvincing tone.

"Well, plug it in, what are you waiting for? There's your cause."

"I can't. I'm charging my cell phone"... and suddenly IT d-a-w-n-s on him. He whips around to look at me. Oh, the horror of such an embarassing mistake drawn on his face. [I start to hear the hallelujahs in the background of angels softly praising his comeback to reality].

He grins like a guilty little boy who has broken a window with his baseball. "Oops, I forgot... I unplugged it this morning."

I'm still chuckling.