Dec 17, 2005

Huston, we are in Christmas orbit

Yesterday I had to run an errand in the heart of downtown commercial Athens (Mitropoleos, Ermou and surrounding little streets). And it was like stepping into a fully drawn holiday bathtub filled with Christmas bubble bath and Seasonal salts. My body and mind were completely immersed in the beautiful, tinselly street and shop window decorations.

If I wasn't feeling Christmasy then, I sure do now. It's hard to resist looking away from all those glowy, glittery displays. I found myself stroking fabrics and scarves, thinking "Hm, this would look good on so-and-so". I stopped to grin at toys and squeeze their "Press Here" buttons, producing funny "ho,ho,hos" and Greek version of jingle bells. My nostrils were lured into a candle shop (so I had to follow) where I sniffed my way through all the wonderful scents (bought a few chocolate-scented candles shaped as coffee mugs for gifts).

It was unfortunate for the shopkeepers that I didn't have a lot of money on me. On the contrary, my family budget sighed in relief exactly for the same reason. My hubbie/financial advisor would have been proud of my resistance to all this consumer seduction.

Uh, Huston, we are being drawn in by Christmas orbit's field energy, please advise.