Dec 15, 2005

Aries vs. Athena

No! I refuse to smile until you remove this bell off my neck! I feel like Tinkerbell!You know Aries, Greek mythological God of War.
Well, now meet Aries the Cat.

His owners are out of town and I have been asked to stop by for feedings and litter box duties.

I am not a cat person. Don't get me wrong I am all for ALL animals and their rights. I tilt my head and go "Awwwwwwwww" at the sight of kittens and puppies and other critters, great and small.

However, I consider myself more of a dog person. Dogs are easy-going and laid-back. Throw a stick; watch them run joyfully after it. Sniff, bark, wag.

Cats are a bit more high-maintenance and give you that piercing look that makes you uneasy. I have this notion that cats think with a haughty British accent: "Oh, that humans should determine our destinies and rule our world! Appalling! Degrading"!

Aries' domain is a huge plant-filled veranda. He's not a very he-man cat (aka neutering). His sexless days involve securing the territorial perimeter from any winged form, anything that scurries and anything that is just plain beneath his species. His other activities include food, litter-box visits and observing the neighbourhood's comings and goings.

We've gotten along well so far.
He meows with pleasurable expectation and stands attentively before the cat food cupboard.
Human subtitle: No, silly human, don't reach for the 'Fishes-of-the-sea-yuck' can, go for the other one, labelled 'Tuna Delight'. You have neutered my taste buds as well.

Rubs up against me and wraps his tail around my ankle.
Human subtitle: I will shed my fur on your clothes until you stroke me!

No one can resist a cutie like Aries and the stroking and petting commences.
Human subtitle: Ooooh, that's right Momma, a little lower, a little on the left. Show me the love!

As soon as he gets his fill of food, love and a clean kitty box, he raises his eyebrow and I think I can actually hear him say: "What? Still here? I won't need your services any longer today". I -gulp- feel like I'm being dismissed by Aries the Cat.