Jan 22, 2006

If I met a genie that granted just-sports wishes

...I would wish I could be a figure skater! I'm fresh from watching the 2006 European Figure Skating Championships in Lyon this past week (on TV). Figure skating is one of the few physical competitions that hold me spellbound. The grace, the elegance, the fluid movements of the skaters. Hard-ass athletes disguised as ice dancers.
As a kid, I daydreamed of gliding over the ice with my Dorothy Hamil haircut and elegant figure skating dress. Alas, I never had it in me. I hung out in junior high with a friend who was very into figure skating. She trained after school every day -weekends included- for 6 (six!!!) hours. It's one of those sports where I root for every athlete and I am pained when one takes a fall or misses a jump. My hat off to all those kids somewhere off in the world practising their triple flip-triple toe combinations. Safe landings on the ice!