Jan 24, 2006


Anonymous said...


Can see
that you run with
the influential crowd

doing the cheerleader bit..xmmm
i thought ya wanted to be an
ice skater ,,
anyways voted , good luck to your friend.

John said...

Thanks for the words of support! I'm so excited about everything!!

Flubberwinkle said...

John, one day when you come to Greece for a book signing. I'll fight my way through the crowds and yell "John, it's me! Flubberwinkle! Remember when we read each other's blogs? Remember the little people!"
You should be excited! It's great!
Btw, I checked out the competition, they don't have your spunk.

zardoz, I want to be a figure-skating cheerleader that hangs out with her extended circle of blog friends! I can wear a short skirt while I'm blogging and nobody will have to see me! (The best of both worlds!)