Feb 22, 2006

What does your mommy do, little girl?

Daughter#2 is in the sixth grade this school year. She'll soon be embarking on the junior high and just plain high school years. Her grade school journey included the universal basics: scars from nicks and scratches obtained at school recesses, memorizing parts for school plays and recitals, endless scrawled pages of Greek Alphas-Betas-Gammas, growing pains, and a lot of trivial stories that bring a smile on Mommy's face.

One of those stories goes way back in Daughter#2's second grade. The lesson was Social Studies, the chapter was "What our parents do for a living". The little chubby hands shot in the air: "My Mommy works for the Post Office and my Daddy is an electrician". "My parents have a bakery". "My Daddy doesn't work and Mommy cleans houses". "My Daddy is a doctor for teeth and Mommy has a store". You get the picture. Well, along comes my pride and joy's turn. Proudly she exclaims in a know-it-all tone, "My Daddy is a train engineer, THAT means he DRIVES the trains" -pause- "And my Mommy? er, um, oh yeah, she downloads the Internet, I think".

Her teacher met me outside when I went to pick up my offspring at school. She was doubling over with laughter. She explained her mirth and I in turn elaborated, "Well, poor kid's right. All she ever hears at family and friendly conversations are their requests for me to download stuff from the Internet." From that moment on, I was the official Internet Mommy. Anything the class needed googling and web researching was written down on a note and passed to me via Daughter#2 for me to carry out. Soon, however, I will be stripped of my official "Internet Mommy" title and my services rendered useless in junior high. The end of an era. *sigh*

By the way, I'm on page 13,976,444,202 of the Internet download. Almost done.