Mar 10, 2006

If it weren't for the greenhouse effect I'd order sleazy men to take cold showers

Every Thursday is open-air market day in my neighbourhood. I send my retired father-in-law (a farmer of 50 years) to do my fruit and vegetable shopping since I'm at work. Thursday afternoons involve washing the produce before storing them in refrigerator. The used H20 is then applied to watering my veranda plants. Every single time I do this unimportant, household chore a piece of information blazes in my mind: 20% of the world population is without clean drinking water.

Then I sat down to watch the news with husband. Reports and videos of bad weather in most of Europe. Heavy Snow, freezing temperatures and... it's March. Husband turns to me and says: "Second Ice Age is coming faster than we thought".

After the news, the greek public television had a thematic viewing on human trafficking. We watched in horror the stories of women and children being sold for sex. Someone in the discussion panel summarized: "Human trafficking is based on a simple law of economics. If there is no demand there's no need to supply. If there are no horny men, human trafficking for sex will cease to exist".

Makes you wonder how civilised and advanced our society really is when the self-evident right TO clean drinking water and the self-evident right NOT to be sold as a human slave are added on our TO-DO list...