Mar 8, 2006

In remembrance of Superwomen over the world

Dana Reeve, only 44, passed away yesterday. I am so shaken and moved by her death. I rooted for Christopher to get back on his feet and felt increasing admiration for his and his wife's strength and determination. They made good use of their limelight by raising the level of awareness around the world and in the US, particularly, for the disabled. I was heartbroken when "Superman" passed away. And now, Dana, a contemporary heroine, a Supergirl of unrelenting courage and love lost the battle with lung cancer. And she wasn't even a smoker. The tragedy of it all is overwhelming and so unjust. The news of her death coincides with International Women's Day, a day to commemorate the achievements of women. A day to be inspired by women role models. A day to celebrate the women that have made a difference in this world. May Dana rest in peace and may all women, the silent caregivers, find peace on earth.