Apr 7, 2006

All nations with dopey presidents please raise their hands

George W. Bush has been the butt of many jokes. Not undeservingly so. Even if you purposely try to ignore US domestic politics and useless raging wars, he's managed to invent a whole new category in the English language filed under "bushisms". He's been caught unprepared, with his pants down -pardon my imagery- regarding the simplest of statements or issues. GW's eligible surname may have gained him a spot in the power web, and the globe nods silently in agreement that he was highly unqualified for the slot. I would honestly find ways to excuse his dopiness and laugh at his 'naivety' if he wasn’t the one with nuclear arms engage code and Chief-In-Commander of a very large army.

Recently, however, the leader of my Italian neighbors, Signore Silvio Berlusconni, proved that he deserves this month's "dopey president" award. Italy, will be having Presidential elections in a few days and a chance to redeem themselves as voters. Silvio took the Italian media by storm. Literally. Storming out of interviews when he was politically challenged by TV audience or discussion panel members. Calling his opponents names and Italian journalists incompetent. He's a media power guy who knows how to work the ropes and seduce the popoli vote with flashy TV smiles and jokes. He knows how the system works and makes it work for him; after all, he devised cheap trashy TV that prevails in Italy. He hasn't denied rumors that he had his face lifted, dyes his hair and has a suspicious whiter-than-white smile. He publicly conceded before a TV preacher that he would abstain from sex until the elections, only to turn it about, the following day, and say he was joking on air. He has compared himself to Napoleon and Jesus. Mamma mia, all this just in a month preceding elections!

In all fairness, I should criticize Greek politicians as well and, yet, as much as I disagree with the Greek government's policies, I have never actually been embarrassed by the President's or Prime Minister's public conduct. Political platforms should be the main issue and not how politicians dress, but let's face it if my nation's leader acts like a Mafia boss, shouldn't I be a tad worried?