Apr 12, 2006

Remember when you wanted a treehouse?

As a kid, like most, I wished I had a treehouse. My family lived in apartment buildings with a decent plot of grass serving as a backyard, mostly occupied by our sprawled bikes and kiddie pools. There were no available trees to make our club's conference room. So, my neighbourhood gang chose the nearing wooded plot of land close to the highway to construct a treehouse. Unfortunately, all our feeble attempts to fabricate one resulted in several grounded, non-symmetrical boards lamely leaning against each other. Ten year olds do not make good construction workers. The worst part was that there was no window for us, little girls, to hang frilly curtains. I saw this picture and my eyes lit up in recollection of childhood memories.

Oh, if only I could be a kid again. And oh, yeah, and I wish I had enough money to buy this treehouse. Did ya hear me Genie? Fairy Godmother? Santa? Easter Bunny?